Gourmet Restaurant Budapest - the best restaurant for streetfood lovers

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Gourmet Restaurant Budapest - the best restaurant for streetfood lovers

Gourmet Restaurant Budapest - the best restaurant for streetfood lovers

The best gorumet street food, prepared on charcoal grills with quality ingredients... Sound good? Then you are welcome at Baltazár Grill in the Buda Castle district!
Gourmet Restaurant Budapest  
Who says the art of street food can't be elevated to the heights it is? Whoever it is, they certainly don't work for us! Explore our gourmet restaurant in Budapest, where street food, BBQ and grill dishes are of the highest quality, where the wine selection is the best and where the Gin & Tonic is always ice cold!

Gourmet restaurant in Budapest - streetfood reimagined

Grilled duck liver, artisanal burgers, BBQ pork chops, rib eye steak and beef tenderloin... for meat lovers, this place is paradise! Our Josper's charcoal grilled dishes look good on the menu, and on your plate... The atmosphere of the barbecues and the sweet, mouth-watering smell of BBQ food make for a great backdrop for a friendly chat, a family gathering or a cool first date or business meeting. 
And with us, street food doesn't exclude the highest quality! 

Gourmet restaurant in Budapest with a stylish interior

On colder days or in the hot sun, it's nice to hide from the world for a while, which you can easily do in our cool and unique restaurant. Sitting at the rustic tables of the multi-sectioned interior, every bite is a great treat, and the unique design adds a special touch to your event! 

Gourmet restaurant in Budapest with a cosy terrace

When the sun comes out, during the spring and summer season, many of us love to enjoy a delicious snack and refreshments in the open air. Our gourmet restaurant in Budapest offers you the chance to do just that, with a cosy cobbled terrace from spring to autumn! The cool feel of a barbecue in the garden is guaranteed.

Gourmet restaurant in Budapest with a wide selection of wines and a wine cellar

For wine lovers we also offer a real treat: in our cosy wine cellar, the best wines of the Carpathian Basin are waiting, chilled to the perfect temperature, to accompany your dinner! If you want even more, you can also arrange a wine tasting in our restaurant - to get a taste of the special flavours of the local wines.

Gourmet restaurant in Budapest, also for events!

Our gourmet restaurant in Budapest welcomes you for events! Whether it's a surprise birthday party, a stylish and cool wedding or a successful business meeting, the restaurant's multi-sectioned interior, stylish terrace or cosy wine cellar is at your disposal. If you are thinking of holding your event in such a cool place, click HERE to request a quote and our colleagues will contact you shortly to discuss the details!


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