Grill restaurant in Budapest: discover Baltazár Grill!

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Grill restaurant in Budapest: discover Baltazár Grill!

Grill restaurant in Budapest: discover Baltazár Grill!

A cobbled terrace, delicious gourmet street food cooked on a Josper charcoal grill, an impressive wine list... If you're looking for a grill restaurant in Budapest, you've arrived! 
Grill restaurant in Budapest  
There's something fascinating about summer grilling... The relaxed conversations, the succulent wines and the carefree atmosphere that surrounds it - and of course the smoky smell of the charcoal grill. If you're into that feeling, you'll love the Baltazar Grill! Our stylish interior restaurant, with a cozy cobbled terrace, is waiting to impress you in a secluded corner of Buda Castle! 

Grill restaurant in Budapest - with the famous Spanish Josper Grill

The Josper charcoal grill has conquered the kitchens of celebrities like Gordon Ramsay. And when it suits the famously critical chef, it's hard to find fault with it! And our artisanal, hand-crafted Catalan charcoal grill oven uses only the highest quality Argentinian charcoal to enhance the experience. And the end result? The best gorumet street food in town!
Discover one of the best grill restaurants and experience it with us! 

Grill restaurant in Budapest - only the best ingredients!

Of course, it's not just the way the food is prepared that makes it so tasty, but you also have to make sure you choose the best quality of everything - including the ingredients. Hungarian free-range chickens, steaks from the best suppliers straight from Jack's Creek Farm in Australia, or the best Argentinian beef in town... We have it all. 

Grill restaurants in Budapest, with an impressive selection of drinks

We also take it for granted that the best food is always accompanied by the best refreshments, wines and drinks. We have our own wine cellar with an impressive selection of the best wines from the Carpathian Basin, where we even offer the possibility of a wine tasting event!  

Grill restaurant in Budapest - for a relaxing evening out, or even for a whole event

When we created our grill restaurant, our aim was to serve grill food lovers in the most possible way. This way you can come to us for a sit-down evening, a hearty dinner or, if you prefer, we can cater for entire events! The interior of our restaurant is divided into several sections, so it can provide privacy for smaller events, while our cobbled terrace can host larger events. 
For wine lovers, we also offer our cosy wine cellar as a venue!



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