Terrace restaurant in Budapest: discover Baltazár Grill!

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Terrace restaurant in Budapest: welcome the good weather with a terrace restaurant with the atmosphere of a garden party

Terrace restaurant in Budapest: welcome the good weather with a terrace restaurant with the atmosphere of a garden party

Are you looking for a restaurant with a terrace in Budapest, where you can enjoy your favourite dishes under the open sky in a cosy place? Welcome to Baltazár Grill!
Terrace restaurant in Budapest  
It seems like a millennium since we last sat on the terrace, sipping Gin & Tonics and enjoying the sunshine. It seems like a millennium ago that we were enjoying the atmosphere of garden parties, sitting around with big groups of friends and enjoying life. Time to relive those experiences! Our terrace restaurant in Budapest, in the Buda Castle district, welcomes you! 

Terrace restaurant in Budapest with the best grill food

For us, dining on the terrace means the season of grilled food: great meats, grilled vegetables and other delicacies prepared on the justly famous Josper charcoal grill. We are proud of the high quality ingredients we use in our kitchen: beef from the best suppliers, domestically sourced Duroc pork and duck from our family supplier, Hungarian free-range chicken. 
But it's not just the quality of the meat that matters. We've taken the same care in selecting our side dishes, sauces and jams in our terrace restaurant - so you can be sure you're eating the best. 
The food is cooked to perfection in Spain's famous Josper Grill: the same handmade Catalan charcoal grill found in the kitchens of Gordon Ramsay, who is known for his critical approach to food - but even in terms of the charcoal used, we settle for nothing less than the highest quality Argentinian charcoal. This is the secret behind the best barbecue food served in our terrace restaurant in Budapest! 

Terrace restaurant in Budapest, with the atmosphere of a garden party

In addition to the food, we also find the right atmosphere particularly important: on our cobbled terrace we have comfortable chairs and tables waiting for you - and we try to create the inimitable atmosphere of garden parties for you! 

A terrace restaurant in Budapest with delicious drinks, wines and Gin & Tonics 

Of course, the atmosphere is nothing without good food and good drinks. In our terrace restaurant, we put a special emphasis on that too: we have excellent wines from our own wine cellar on request, and we also have a few specialities for Gin & Tonic fans.


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