Modern restaurant in Budapest, with a fantastic atmosphere

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Modern restaurant in Budapest, where street food is reborn

Modern restaurant in Budapest, where street food is reborn

Looking for a modern restaurant in the capital where you can dine in a special atmosphere? Meet Baltazár Grill, where street food takes on a new meaning!
Modern restaurant in Budapest  
We believe that going out to a restaurant is not just about eating out. A modern restaurant in Budapest should offer you more than that: and that's what we work on every day at Baltazár Grill. We offer a special atmosphere, fantastic flavours, stylish interiors and a cosy cobbled terrace! Get to know Baltazar, our modern restaurant in Budapest! 

Modern restaurant in Budapest with gourmet street food

Street food is a controversial way of eating out, which is no wonder. The quality of the food originally served by street vendors is often questionable, but the food itself opens up fantastic possibilities - which we try our best to capture in our modern restaurant in Budapest. 
For us, street food means something completely different: by dreaming up gourmet street food, we've opened up a category where simple dishes made with heart and soul can be enjoyed by the most discerning palate, with the best meats and super vegetarian options.

Modern restaurant in Budapest, with fantastic food and drinks

We pride ourselves on the ingredients we use in our kitchens and the technological equipment we use in our modern restaurants. 
As lovers of grilled food, we work with very serious meats. For steak, we source the best quality beef from the famous Jack's Creek farm in Australia, but we also often work with excellent Argentinian beef - we even try to source our pork locally, in addition to the fantastic iberico pork on our menu, straight from Spain.
As a modern restaurant in Budapest, we place great emphasis not only on the quality of our ingredients, but also on their perfect preparation. Our famous Josper Grill is the coolest, handmade Catalan charcoal grill to cook your dishes to perfection! 

Modern restaurant in Budapest with cool style

To ensure that not only the gastronomic experience is serious at our modern restaurant in Budapest, we also put a lot of effort into the atmosphere of the restaurant. Its stylish, cool decor and special atmosphere will make your time with us unforgettable! 

Modern restaurant in Budapest even for events!  

But Baltazár Grill is not just a modern restaurant in Budapest. It can also be a great venue to celebrate with your family, friends or business partners: you can rent our fireplace room, our cosy wine cellar or the whole restaurant for a great party!
If you think you could use our modern restaurant as a venue, click HERE and ask for a personalised offer!



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