Special restaurant in Budapest: the jewel box of the Buda Castle District

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Special restaurant in Budapest: the jewel box of the Buda Castle District

Special restaurant in Budapest: the jewel box of the Buda Castle District

Looking for a special restaurant in Budapest? Discover Baltazár Grill, one of the most popular restaurants in the Buda Castle District and its special atmosphere!
Special restaurant in Budapest  
The Buda Castle District is one of the most popular and most visited areas in Hungary by tourists and domestic adventurers alike. This wonderful area is full of attractions, beautiful panoramas and excellent activities, so it's no wonder that on a sunny afternoon the place is packed with curious visitors... But what if you're looking for a special restaurant in Budapest? Well, it's still worth a visit, because Baltazár Grill is waiting for you with love, delicious barbecue food, excellent wines and a special atmosphere! 

Special restaurant in Budapest: for grill lovers

Summer grilling, BBQ meats, the best steaks... there's no cosier atmosphere than when your family or friends gather around the grill. But if you'd rather leave the cooking to someone else this time and want to taste the best meats in town, visit our special restaurant in Budapest!
Our dishes are served to your table from the justly famous Jospern charcoal grill. Here you can enjoy a real gourmet street food experience with the most delicious meats, creative grill dishes and of course a super vegetarian selection. 

Special restaurant in Budapest, with the best ingredients

For a dish - and a restaurant - to be labelled special, it's not enough to use the best kitchen technology and the most modern processes. After all, the soul of the dish is the ingredients, and this is especially true of the meats we love so much. That's why at our special restaurant in Budapest, we place great emphasis on ensuring that each and every dish is made with the highest quality ingredients possible! 
Our popular beef steaks are free-range beef from Jack's Creek Farm, straight from Australia - or even Argentina or the USA. We use local pork as much as possible for our pork dishes, and our duck dishes come to your table from our family supplier, Békés County. 

Special restaurant in Budapest with a special wine list

Good food goes with the best drinks! That's why at Baltazár we put a lot of emphasis not only on our food, but also on our wine list and other drinks. On our wine list you will find the best wines of the Carpathian Basin. You will surely find your favourite among the nearly 200 wines on our list, as we also offer the most authentic wines. 
We also welcome you to our special restaurant in Budapest if you prefer a drink instead of wine: for example, you can choose from the world's most extravagant gins in our bar, as well as the best non-alcoholic drinks.


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